Small Jewellery Business

Juveleria is a small jewellery business and it belongs to me - Guste Pazeraite. I do all of my jewellery and every piece is handmade.

My story: Everything began about two years ago during quarantine. I sat down next to my table one day and started creating wired jewellery with the wire that my grandma brought me to my room from her old garage. Creating jewellery became my new passion. At only 16 years old I started this small business. My dream became reality when I created an online shop. It is safe to say that I am happy with my progress. I never gave up on my wish to work my dream job and earn money from something that I am passionate about. This is a sign that everything happens for a reason. From my grandma bringing me some wire, to creating a small business which will last forever.

About us

Now you can be part of this story and order a piece that represents the start of a new journey.

Our jewellery is shipped as far as from Europe to America. It may cost more, but we ship it as far as you live.

World Wide Shipping

Write us a message at if you want some custom handmade jewellery pieces.

Working With Crystals

Custom Orders

Jewellery Repair

The crystals we buy are cleansed in the moonlight and prepared for you to buy with bliss and love.

If you have jewellery that needs to be repaired, contact us to fix it and it will be as good as new.