Strengthens the immune system, cleanses the aura, calms hot-temperedness, emotional storms, anger, irritation, impulsiveness, promotes successful but honest business, calms night dreams, promotes intuition, meditation, visions, strengthens the pancreas, pituitary gland, the so-called thymus, thyroid gland, balances the left and the right hemisphere of the brain, calms epilepsy, autism and hypertrophied lust, as well as the self-destruction complex, stimulates tissue regeneration and the production of red blood cells. Useful for tuberculosis, diabetes and weakened immune system. Amethyst helps to process impressions, perceptions, stress, tension, dissatisfaction, sadness and worry, overcome inner struggle and the pain of loss. It strengthens concentration and the position of the observer, provides clarity in confusing situations, helps to respect the boundaries of others, take responsibility for the consequences of one's decisions, resolve conflicts peacefully, and create external peace from inner peace. Amethysts are suitable for all zodiac signs, it is a remedy for mental tension.